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So, you wanna know a little about the Pagan huh?
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Useless Information

                 Name: The Pagan
                 Age : 22
                 Sex : Male
                 Height: 5' 11"
                 Eyes: Blue
                 Hair: Long, Dark Redish Blonde


Born on September 30, 1976 as Bryan Michael Wilson. I attended nine years of Catholic grade school (K-8th) and one year of Catholic high school. I was asked not to return to that high school, partially because I was seen as a threat to the "Catholic standard" of learning. I doubted the existance of god and I was known to ask questions that made other people question their beliefs in god. The teachers never answered my questions. I was left to form my own opinion on god, religion and my way of life. It was the only good thing the Catholic church ever did for me.

I began to study religions to find the answers that priests and catholic teachers answered only with "You must have faith and believe". I've studied Wicca and Witchcraft in general, Paganism, Alchemy and a few others. None of those answered my questions either. Then one day, while looking for new books to read, I found The Satanic Bible. It gave me the answers that I had searched for. I realized that the way of life for me was to just live and be true to myself. I don't practice Satanism as my religion. I do however hold many of it's beliefs to be true. I am not a member of the Church Of Satan but I do think of myself as a Satanist. Many people think that Satanism and devil worship are the same thing. I have only one thing to say to those people. Until you know the difference, don't tell me that I'm ignorant. Refusing to see the truth is the only true ignorance. I am who I am because of many years of study and thought. I was forced into christianity before I could even talk. Well, I can talk now and I say: I chose my own way of life and I will not be told that I am wrong.

I am the Pagan and that's my story.

Things that The Pagan likes

Me, Myself and I


Favorite Color



Favorite Things To Do

Play Guitar
Write Songs and Poetry


Favorite Bands

Type O Negative
Coal Chamber
Iron Maiden


Favorite Singers

(Type O Negative)
(White Zombie)
(Coal Chamber)


Favorite Movies

The Breakfast Club
The Princess Bride
Amongst Friends
The Fifth Element
The Star Wars Trilogy
The Crow
The Craft
Exorcist 3

Things The Pagan Doesn't Like

Most people
Anyone who thinks drugs are cool
Dirty People
Body Odor
Foot Odor
Little boys with more money than me
Eleven year olds with credit cards
Most People
Bad drivers
Pauly Shore
That new VJ Jesse on Mtv
Any music group than ends in Boys or Men
Stupid People
Cranberry Juice
The liberation of some small,
nowhere country at my expense
Those little green men who visit me at night
Douche Ads on TV
Most people
Any product with a 30 day money back guarantee
Memory loss
People who call and hang up
Cars that have fewer cylinders than gears
Anything Mauve
Fishing on TV
Lines at a grocery store
Those little green men who visit me during the day
People who call and don't hang up
Church on TV
Flat Soda
Memory loss
People who use the word Ax instead of Ask
Flat Soda
Memory loss
People who use the word Ax instead of Ask
Fake boobs
That O'Lean crap
Anyone with more body hair than a yak
Anything Taupe
Open talks about sex with ugly people

That's all for now.
There is alot more stuff that I don't like but I can't type it all.

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