As you read the words, you'll see the tables turn.
This relic can't be burned if we are to learn from history.
Even those with open eyes, can still fail to internal lies.
But the mirror reflects everything eventually.

Internalize Double Meaning Bonus
- - - -
Good people in bad situations are often blinded by what's around them.
Other times it's what's on the inside that closes ones eyes to reality.
Therefor, sometimes the only thing to do is reach out and hold on to someone
who's eyes are open.
- - - -
The things we miss, when we don't wear our glasses.
I see you. Do you see me?

Drink of the day

The Oatmeal Cookie

In a double shotglass
  • 2/3 Goldschlager
  • 1/3 Irish Cream

Pour contents down throat

Mental Health Tip:
How to Treat Self Inflicted Disappointment

1 Large Dose of
Reality Check

Take verbally at least once every 15 years
Results improve if taken more frequently
If all else fails, call your Libra