I've met alot of people in my lifetime and I hate most of them. Anyone who has managed to stay on my good side long enough for me to like them deserves a special place to be showcased. These are a few of those people.

Meet The Master

The Queen

The Court Of Swivelneck

 The Royal Security Guard

Release the DAWGS!
This boy in blue delivers the highest level of security that money can buy.
Watch out, he throws his keys pretty hard!

  The Royal Adviser

Since we all have 2 ears and only 1 mouth,
shouldn't we listen twice as much as we talk?

More Royalty on the way

Minions On The Web



One of the first people I met online. She is from Australia and she has the accent to prove it.


I've known Jules for a long time as well. She knows when to squeeze the Charmin.


Is he Psychotic? Is he a Zombie? You be the judge.
Check out the cool tattoo.

Casket Crew Legion


"There's an ugly green monster in my head,
Won't leave me alone untill your dead"


"When I called her evil, she just laughed."


"Forgive her, for she knows not what she does."


"She's in love with herself."

October Moon

"As Negative as she wants to be."

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