Reality Check
OK, The little pink bunny t-shirt was cute when you were 8, but now it just looks re-god-damn-diculous. It's time to go shopping for some newer, darker threads. While you're at it, get some new hangings for those walls of yours. Your friends are all laughing at you behind your back because you still have that NKOTB poster from "TeenSteam" magazine hanging up. They're laughing twice as hard if you're a guy. Since you're making over yourself and your room, why not get some new tunes? That NKOTB cassette on your shelf looks just as silly as the poster. So kick back, break out your wallet and start shopping.

* - Recomended sites
* T-Shirt Hell If you want to offend, well, just about everyone, this is where you should shop. T-Shirt Hell offers many different crude and rude logos printed on any color or style t-shirt.
* Infinity 1 The best place to find any and all band t-shirts and merchandise. All official band stuff, no bootleg shirts. Massive selection from hundreds of bands.
Hot Topic By now, I'm sure there's a Hot Topic in your local mall. But why risk the exposure to people and the sun? They offer all kinds of goodies for todays trendy goth.
Drac In A Box Gothic clothing of an upscale nature. They offer selections for men and women as well as jewelry and boots. If it's gothy you want, it's gothy you'll find.
Texas Body Hangings No, it's not pictures of people hanging. It's an online store that sells capes and cloaks. They're not a goth site but they don't know how you'll use their products.
Wild and Free Time to get down and dirty. Wild and Free sells products to up the kink quotient in your life. Everything from basic lingerie to crazy fantasy wear. If you need something a little more sexy to slip into, this is where to get it.

* - Recomended sites
* Customatix OK, this is the coolest shoe site on the web. You go there, design your own shoe, they make it and send it to you. No joke! You actually design your own shoe. Pick colors, materials etc... It rocks!

* - Recomended sites
* - Recomended sites
* Infinity 1 So good they're worth repeating. If you need a band poster you can find it here. They have all the new posters and many of your old favorites.
All Posters All sorts of things to cover those walls. Band posters, movie posters, framed prints and so on. If you can't find something to replace that NKOTB poster here, you're hopeless.
Push Posters A UK based poster shop. They have many of the rare posters that are only available in the UK and Europe. Band posters, concert posters, calanders and more.
Phila Arts Limited Edition prints from all your favorite bands. They create many of the posters you've seen hanging around Philadelphia venues. They're based in Philly. Duh!

* - Recomended sites
* - Recomended sites
* Alchemy Gothic What more needs to be said? This is the place to get Alchemy Gothic stuff. Without a doubt, some of the coolest designs out there.
Black Sunrise Quality jewelry for all your gothy needs. Armor rings, pendants, cigarette cases etc... They also offer exclusive jewelry and leather items.
Azure Green Largest Wholesale & Retail Metaphysical, Witchcraft, and Occult Supply Store on the internet. Jewelry for the right and left hand paths.
Snapdragon Gifts An on-line store offering unique and hard to find gifts. Their moto is "Nothing Mundane" Very good place to shop for things you can't find anywhere else.

* - Recomended sites
* - Recomended sites
* Amazon No brainer. Probably the biggest online music retailer. Plus, you can do ALL your holiday shopping here.
Yodeling Pig Rare and exotic CDs, cassettes and vinyl as well as all the new stuff. They have several retail locations in Maryland. They Rock!
Music 1 Search Search engine for rare and hard to find music. If it's out there and you want it, try here.
Gemm Music Another good search engine for rare music. They claim if you can't find it there, you can't find it anywhere. So before you pay $500 for that CD on eBay, try here.