Loving you was like loving the dead

Just like fucking the dead

My name is not important, but what I have to say is very important.

I made this page to give justice to the one loving compassionate person left in the world, Peter Steele

If you don't like:
Korn, Type-o-Negative, Slayer, Ozzy, ME, Pantera, Sepultera, or anyone I missed, get the hell out!!! We don't want you here!!

Type-o-Negative is one of my favorite bands today, along with Korn and Sepultera, because they are one of the few bands that actually uses emotion to write songs.
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I would like to throw an extra special thanks to a person named PAGAN WARRIOR@webtv.com They were the first person to visit my site and let me know that they were here. So for any one else who would like to e-mail me, you might just get mentioned.

Come chill again later and find out more about why I like to bitch. And if you come to my site, please e-mail me with comments, suggestions, and or hatred. Or at least to let me know you are alive, I will respond to every e-mail.

LinKo LinKo

ę 1997 ngtv13@hotmail.com

Let Peter Love you to Death...

This award was given to me by a friend, it is the Peter Steele award, and all I have to say is 'I'd like to thank the acadamy'

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