Ken Hickey
AKA: Lost Dog, Wolf Boy, Sid, Encyclopedia Brittanicus, Boris Smirinoff, Count Gackula, Jackass.
Abandoned as an infant and found in a garbage dumpster somewhere at the ass-end of Brooklyn, Hickey finally rose from obscurity when he found a home in Type O Negative as a professional scapegoat and idiot savant. Sometimes said to be "the luckiest man to ever pretend to play an instrument", Hickey can often be heard striking sour notes and blowing cues during his electrifying studio sessions and live performances.

The band discovered his obnoxious saw-toothed vocals when, due to years of living with syphilis and various substance abuses, he went insane and lost his teeth during an outdoor show in Denmark. He was reported to have stumbled up to his mic screaming,"Hello Cleveland!". Recently Hickey has rehabilitated himself. He says he's found God and believes he is living somewhere in France.

Hobbies: going to the dentist, missing airline flights, losing luggage, shitting his pants
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